Alex Ekubo Bemoans How Wealth And Death Influence The Society’s Love Toward People

In the aftermath of the unfortunate murder of young great Nigerian singer Mohbad, Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo delivered a touching message about the irony of life. While uploading cool images of himself on Instagram, the actor observed how people cry for the dead while retaining hatred for the living.

He explained how we envy the successful and avoid the poor. He went on to remark that people only love you if you are affluent, successful, or dead. Alex began his talk by describing our reality as fascinating. Many people agreed with him in his comment area, pointing out how the world is full with hypocrisy.

Before sharing his opinion on the irony of life, Alexx Ekubo’s announcement that he is no longer interested in marriage may have broken the hearts and wrecked the possibilities of many single girls who thought the actor may be their possible husband.

Following the renowned heartbreak he endured at the hands of his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, who called off their wedding only a few months before the big day, Ekubo, who appears to have washed his hands off romance and marriage matters, is likely to be apprehensive of falling prey to another break-up.

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