Alleged $1,000 Payment By Chris Brown Fans To Meet The Singer Is Defended By Bleu

There is no stopping Chris Brown’s supporters. While the younger generation has only recently joined the bandwagon, many people have been ardent supporters of his throughout the entirety of his career. The R&B-Pop legend’s supporters have remained steadfast in their love for him despite the controversy that could have ended his career.

Due to this, Brown always creates time and space for his admirers, even if doing so occasionally requires payment. As fans who were able to meet Chris Brown in person shared their photos online on Thursday (July 21), social media timelines were flooded with pictures of the event.

The cost of this meet and greet was eventually discovered to be $1,000 per person, which many people considered to be excessively expensive, but Breezy’s fans didn’t seem to mind. One of the pictures of a man posing with Brown that went viral grabbed the attention of some social media users who made fun of him for spending a lot of money to meet the singer. Bleu was perplexed by the critique.

“1000$ for a life long memory/moment ain’t bad . Y’all ain’t gone have no memories when y’all get old only thing y’all gone remember is paying bills [crying laughing emoji] ,” tweeted Bleu.

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