Ariana Grande Set To Release New Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’ On International Women’s Day

Ariana Grande, the award-winning singer, recently announced that she will release her seventh studio album, “Eternal Sunshine,” soon. The announcement came just a few days after the release of her single “Yes, And?” and its music video. According to the post on her Instagram page on January 17, the album is set to be released on International Women’s Day.

In the same post, Ariana shared the album’s title and release date with her fans: “Eternal Sunshine 3.8.” She also uploaded a series of photos believed to be the album’s cover art. One of the photos shows a blurry close-up of Ariana’s face, focusing on her brown eyes, bright red lips, and gold earrings. The image leaves out her forehead, giving it an artistic touch. Another photo features Ariana posing in a short-sleeved white top with a rounded neckline, placing both hands over her head while closing her eyes. The third photo captures her smiling radiantly as she covers her eyes with her hands. Ariana also wore gold earrings and the same red lipstick in both images. Her tattoos and long fingernails were visible due to her transparent red hand gloves. Her beautiful blonde hair was pulled back into a tight, high ponytail. Following the thrilling announcement, Ariana received a barrage of encouraging words from her fans. Meanwhile, other fans shared their thoughts about the forthcoming “Eternal Sunshine” album.

Indeed, fans eagerly await the album’s release, and Ariana’s announcement has already generated a lot of excitement and anticipation. As one of her generation’s most famous pop singers, Ariana has built a massive fan base worldwide, and her new album is expected to be another chart-topping success.

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