Ariana Grande Hints At New Music Coming In 2024

It has been revealed by Ariana Grande that she will resume her music career in 2024. The actress-cum-singer, who took a few years off from music to concentrate on her part in the next live productions of “Wicked” and her R.E.M. Beauty brand, has officially announced that her much anticipated seventh album will be released in 2019.

Fans were given a sneak glimpse at Grande’s latest studio sessions with producer Ilya Salmanzadeh when she posted a variety of images and videos on Instagram on Wednesday, December 27. She gave the camera a thumbs up in one image, clearly crying, and in another, she seems to be dancing and Facetiming a friend with her arm raised.

She jokingly referred to the images as “the two moods of the album,” posting each one separately on her Story. Additionally, Grande shared a video that one of her collaborators took, in which she says, “It’s almost the last day of this album,” behind the camera. In the video shared, she says, lying down on a couch and covered in a blanket, “I’m so tired.”

Grande has been teasing her upcoming project on Instagram since earlier this month, including references to her seventh album on December 7 and December 17 before posting about her forthcoming new record this week.

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