Asake Congratulates Tiwa Savage Over US Show, Takes To His Heels Afterwards; Video Trends

A video capturing the heartwarming moment when Asake congratulated Tiwa Savage after her show in the US is currently trending online. As seen in the footage, the talented singer took off running immediately after congratulating the award-winning musician and mother of one. The video has generated a lot of buzz among fans, with many offering their interpretations of Asake’s sudden bolt. While some have speculated that the young artist may have been trying to avoid being billed for the concert, others have suggested that Asake’s sudden departure was due to shyness or a desire to avoid drawing attention to himself. Regardless of the reason for his hasty retreat, the video has captured many fans’ hearts and has become a viral sensation in its own right.

Asake Congratulates Tiwa Savage Over Us Show, Takes To His Heels Afterwards; Video Trends, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Asake, a budding and famous Nigerian singer, has been the subject of many conversations on social media due to a video of him and his senior colleague, Tiwa Savage. After her show, the footage shows Tiwa posing with enthusiastic fans in Atlanta, USA. Asake was also in attendance at the event and took the opportunity to congratulate the mother of one before making a quick getaway. Despite the unclear reason behind Asake’s sudden departure, netizens have shared their opinions, prompting a lively discussion among fans.

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