Asake Successfully Sells Out The US Barclays Center

Asake is an emerging leader in the world of Afrobeats. Though he is undeniably a household name, his fortunes are still pouring in. Asake is now lovingly referred to as “Mr. Sold Out” by his followers. The renowned pop sensation has sold out of all tickets for his show at the Barclays Center. Yesterday, September 8, 2023, the artist performed at the venue.

Fans eager to see one of Nigeria’s top performers purchased all 19,000 seats available at the Barclay Centre. And, believe it or not, Asake’s concert completely sold out the Barclays Center. Being able to pull off this accomplishment demonstrates how much effort Asake has put into his career.

His recent victories at the Headies in Atlanta earlier this month preceded this. Asake did, however, note in his Billboard interview that he would cherish the chance to work with the famous Kanye West. The singer also discussed what it’s like to have such adoring fans both at home and overseas.

If Kanye West is open to working with Asake, that is yet to be seen. But if it works, the Nigerian singer would score a big victory. Asake discussed his recent achievements and his future objectives in the interview. He expressed his excitement about sharing his songs with the world and about developing as an artist.

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