Portable Laments After Getting Ripped Off In A Kenyan Nightclub

Nigerian street-hop artist Portable has caused quite a fuss on social media by claiming that he was conned while on a recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

The musician, who was in the capital of Kenya with his spouse Bewaji, revealed to his followers that he had ordered the popular alcoholic beverage Azul and had been given an empty bottle. Portable related an incident that happened at a neighborhood club while he was there in Nairobi.

In his own words, he was taken aback when someone at the club ordered him a bottle of Azul. According to Portable, he intended to return the bottle to Nigeria for his “Ifa.” But when he found out the next morning that the bottle of Azul he had reportedly ordered was empty, his enthusiasm quickly gave way to regret.

Using social media, Portable told his fans about the incident and claimed that he had been tricked.

Fans and followers expressed a mixture of pity and humor at his predicament in response to his message, which rapidly attracted notice from fans and social media users. Also, in Nairobi, Portable has announced a number of noteworthy professional achievements. Among these were the announcement of his next album, the granting of his US visa, and the purchase of a N100M real estate property.

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