Ashanti’s Big Confession About His Song “Baby”

Celebrated singer Ashanti has given some little-known details about her song “Body,” noting she didn’t like it at the outset.

It’s the 20th anniversary of her debut and eponymous album, and the songstress dwelled on the project and the songs that made the tracklist, including “Baby.”

She had argued against the inclusion of the song in the project. She just didn’t like it and wanted it off the pack. In retrospect, the decision to finally include it would be one of her best to date. For one, the song has become a classic and one of her most memorable to date.

But that’s not all. The songstress still travels the world and croons the bars to excited audiences. It appears fans just can’t get enough of the song. During a recent conversation with Vibe, Ashanti spoke about not loving the number and not wanting to include it.

The years have passed, and Ashanti herself is not as active as she used to be. But some of her songs speak for themselves, as charming as they were on release. “Baby” easily finds a spot among those.

If you haven’t listened to the hit song, you might want to check it out below.

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