Asian Doll Previews New Drill Song With Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Sampled On It

Dallas-based female rapper, Asian Doll, has teased her upcoming new single, which she has plans of putting out. The song is a drill record, and it features a prominent sample of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. And if she and her team find a way to get that sample cleared, it might just end up becoming one of the rapper’s biggest songs.

Although it may prove a tad tough to clear a sample for “Baby,” one of JB’s most popular records of all time, the drill remix of the song from Asian sounds like a total hit. The beat contains a sample of Justin’s vocals on “Baby” in the pre-chorus of the song.

The cut moves on, making room for Asian’s vocals, where she raps, “Watch how you speak when you talkin’ to me/You kissin’ that n***a, he kissin’ my feet.” On Twitter, the rapper announced, “Might Drop This Today For The Fans,” and later prided herself as the “Drill Queen” in yet another tweet.

Quick to the response, fans of Asian are already tagging Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, and the pop star’s label in various posts, pleading with them to help get the sample cleared, stating that if the song found its way to streaming platforms or on an upcoming album, it could be pretty massive for the rapper.

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