BBNaija All-Stars 2023: Adekunle Mocks IIebaye As She Struggles To Remember Her NYSC

A video of a chat between BBNaija All-Stars Adekunle and IIebaye has appeared online. It’s interesting to note that Adekunle was the first Head of House on the show. Illebaye, on the other hand, has been named Head of House for the show’s final week. In the video, IIebaye was questioned by Adekunle regarding the date and state of her NYSC service, but she was unsure of both. Since she was unaware of the time and location of the principal assignment, she was eventually charged with lying about her record.

Social media users have reacted to a dialogue between BBNaija All-Stars housemates Adekunle Olopade and IIebaye Odiniya. Adekunle questions to IIebaye centred on her NYSC in the video. She could not respond appropriately when he asked what year and state IIebaye served. Ilebaye had trouble recalling the details of her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) training.

She was unable to reveal the year she served after receiving her degree. Then Adekunkle inquired as to her graduation and service years. Ilebaye replied that she had finished in 2020 and served in 2021, but Adekunle promptly pointed out that there had been a lockdown in effect throughout that year. She appeared even more perplexed by Adekunle’s comment as she covered her mouth. Online comments have been made in response to the conversation’s video. Some viewers expressed their confusion over Ilebaye’s response, questioning how she could have served in 2021 if there was a lockdown. Others speculated that she may have misspoken or misunderstood the question. Nonetheless, the video sparked a debate among commenters about the credibility of Ilebaye’s claims and raised further questions about her background and qualifications.


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