Baskin: Tiger King Star’s ‘Dead’ Husband Found ‘Alive’

“Don Lewis is alive” says Carole Baskin.

The Star made the revelation during at interview. Carole believes her ex-husband Don Lewis is still alive in Costa Rica in a recently discovered interview that is now going viral.

Lewis’s existence has not been officially confirmed, but the interview from November 2021 has been extensively circulated, sending Netflix documentary viewers online into a frenzy.

Baskin revealed that US Homeland Security has confirmed that her ex-husband, who was pronounced legally ‘dead’ in 2002 after going missing five years earlier, is still alive and well in an interview with ITV’s This Morning talk show.

During the interview, Baskin claimed that the department had spoken to her ex-husband.

“In the interview, she stated, “They said my husband, Don Lewis, is alive and well in Costa Rica. “And yet, despite Homeland Security’s knowledge of his location, all of this drama has been made about my having a hand in his disappearance.”

Carole came into limelight following the Tiger King docuseries that was Netflix-produced. The true crime series was aimed at revealing the ill treatment and abuse big cat owners were involved in. The series collaborated with Big Cat Rescue owned by Baskin to expose Joe Exotic who was invariably sentenced to jail.

The events leading up to Exotic’s conviction and imprisonment for attempting to kill Baskin with a hired hitman are revealed in the series.

The series also revealed that Baskin was one of the main suspects in the 1997 inquiry into the disappearance of Lewis, her then-husband. Lewis’s family questioned Baskin’s involvement in his disappearance; some even said she might have given his body to her tigers.

The news of his sudden appearance in Costa Rica puts a new spin to the story.

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