BBNaija All Stars: Adekunle And Venita Kiss For The First Time On The Show

Adekunle and Venita shared their first kiss on Big Brother Naija All Stars after weeks of intimacy and bonding, much to the pleasure of Adenita shippers.

They shared a kiss in the laundry room while speaking. Adekunle stated that he felt some of the housemates were not sincere throughout last night’s challenge. He stated that some “people’s tears were not real” and emphasized how he had encouraged Ilebaye to express herself freely, which she did.

They couldn’t take their hands off each other while talking. The lovebirds eventually kissed for the first time this season, which had viewers delighted online. Venita had spent the day caring for an ailing Adekunle, so the couple had been snuggling all day before the kiss.

After a sponsored task that asked the housemates to work in teams and then create and present words of affirmation to themselves, these two enjoyed their special moment earlier today. The second activity made roommates like Ike, Ilebaye, and Tolanibaj emotional as they shared heartwarming memories, unlike the first task, which was a piece of cake.

The housemates’ still-heightened emotions after Team Dano Full Cream was declared the victor led to Adekunle and Venita’s coziness and eventual kiss.

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