Bella Shmurda – R2 Sept 12 EP Review

R2 Sept 12

Bella Shmurda was obviously devastated by the loss of his close buddy Mohbad, and he used music to express his emotions in his new EP, “R2 Sept 12.” The EP serves as a touching preface to his upcoming album, which will honor the memory of his friend, the legendary Street pop artist Mohbad, even more.

Bella Shmurda experienced intense pain from his loss, including feelings of loneliness, anger, despair, and even mistrust. He does, however, accept his fate and finds comfort in memories, which he plans to preserve through this musical endeavor.

EP Cover Art

Bella Shmurda - R2 Sept 12 Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 23, 2024

Like a celeb on set of a video shoot, Shmurda leans back on his vintage whip whose headlights are on together with the background lighting coming from both the bright bulb and the dimly lit window. Through the smoke and darkness, a sad-looking Bella stares at the camera like the photog caught him off-guard while he was lost in thoughts.

Tracks and Features

The EP begins with “Feelings,” which establishes the mood for an introspective examination of mental health and bereavement. Bella Shmurda boldly faces the difficulties of grieving, and his evocative lyrics provide a window into his inner journey.

This idea is continued in “Loner,” the lead single from the album, which transports listeners to a place of introspection and seclusion. As he navigates the nuances of bereavement, Bella Shmurda’s lyrical vocals resound deeply, providing an unvarnished and genuine doorway into his mind.

Fast-rising singer and producer Bloody Civilian makes a special appearance on the five-track extended play, offering a hustle anthem on “1999.” The intricately inventive Bloody Civilian, reiterates Shmurda’s laser-like commitment on leading a decent life, while the singer expresses his desire to give listeners a good time through the use of Konto melodies.

Jeriq and Zlatan collaborate to create the EP’s most vibrant moment on “Oghene,” where the trio ardently prays for divine graces. The project gains new life from these collaborative endeavors, which also demonstrate Bella Shmurda’s versatility as an artist.

Ironically, “My Brother” is the last song on the EP and was released little than a month after MohBad’s death. It captures the depth of Bella Shmurda’s grief at losing his dear buddy and considers their close relationship. The song is a reflection of the singer’s thoughts on death’s unpredictable nature, the confusing shock of losing a loved one unexpectedly, and the difficulty of finding closure for happy memories and the lingering grief of loss.

To sum up, the introspective tracks on “R2 Sept 12” explores the deep subject of grieving and how it affects mental health in an impeccable manner. Bella Shmurda offers listeners a meaningful and very personal journey through pain and resilience with her soulful melodies and passionate lyrics, dispelling any perception that Afrobeats lack content.

EP Theme

Following Mohbad’s death on September 12th, the Nigerian Afropop sensation takes listeners on a moving journey through her raw emotions through the EP, which explores themes of loss and self-discovery. Bella Shmurda’s capacity to transform unfiltered feelings into profoundly moving music is demonstrated by this project, which gives listeners a close-up view into his innermost thoughts.

Production Credits

Bella Shmurda brought in Tuzi, PBeatz, Fizzy Beatz, Larry Lanes, and Chech for the EP’s production.

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