BBNaija All Stars: Fans Shower Soma And Angel With Unexpected Gifts

Fans of BBNaija All Stars love birds Somadina Anyama and Angel Smith are already demonstrating to haters that they are serious about their new relationship. After they got back from their date, they offered the two lovers a little treat, and videos of the pricey gifts have gone viral.

Given how their fans are treating them, the two former BBNaija All Stars roommates are in for a great time in their relationship. They received a variety of gifts, including food, cakes, flowers, money bouquets, and flowers.

Additionally, Soma has attested to the reality of his relationship with Angel. In a recent interview with Classic FM, Soma disclosed this. One of the most well-liked couples on the BBNaija All Stars season has been Soma and Angel. They have always been upfront about their relationship, and their sincere love for one another has garnered them a lot of admirers.

There have, however, also been some skepticisms about their relationship’s sincerity. Some followers have conjectured that they are only teamed up for the fame or the cash. These reservations were addressed by Soma in his discussion with Classic FM.

Angel, who was blushing as her Soma spoke, stated that they intend to take their relationship carefully. When the reporter inquired if their relationship was similar to Teddy A and Bam Bam’s, Angel replied that she and Soma are living in the now.

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