Whitemoney Overjoyed As Supporters Shower Him With Gifts Amid ‘Fake Life’ Claims

Whitemoney, a former BBNaija All Stars housemate, took to social media to show off his devoted supporters who paid him a surprise visit and showered him with costly gifts. This follows a previous incident over an alleged N37 million cash gift for his birthday, which drew criticism.

Whitemoney can be seen surrounded by his supporters who brought costly gifts to celebrate with him in a recent video uploaded on his Instagram account. The gifts’ contents were not detailed, but it was clear that they were nothing short of spectacular.

Whitemoney Overjoyed As Supporters Shower Him With Gifts Amid 'Fake Life' Claims, Yours Truly, News, April 19, 2024

While posing with the money-themed cakes, Whitemoney joked about the “audio life” he’s frequently accused of leading, savoring the pleasure of the occasion. In the video, Whitemoney insulted the skeptics, dismissing suggestions that his fans were fake.

In other news, despite the relentless interest of social media users, former BBNaija All-Stars Housemate Whitemoney continues to keep his admirers guessing about his new mystery girl. Whitemoney’s mystery girlfriend has become the subject of great curiosity in the aftermath of fellow roommate Pere’s public relationship with Mercy Eke.

The tale began when Whitemoney’s mystery lady first piqued people’s interest, coinciding with Pere’s growing romantic relationship with Mercy Eke, with whom Whitemoney had previously been acquainted.

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