BBTitans: Juicy Jay Caught Rubbing On Jennie O’s Breast

The Big Brother Titans reality TV show is ongoing and giving all it rightfully should. The housemates that recently made it to the trend table, making the rounds on social media, are Juicy Jay and Jenny O. In footage captured from the show, a few housemates were chilling and passing the time while chirping about this-and-that when Juicy, who was positioned behind Jennie gently slipped a hand from under her arm and rubbed on one of Jennie’s boobs.

His move was received warmly by Jennie, who moved her arm stealthily to accommodate Jay’s wandering hand. And the way Juicy went about it would make it seem like he was unaware of what he was doing, with the way he had his eyes closed as if to appear oblivious. Bad guy! This is the same guy that is entangled in a love triangle with two other different housemates, Ipeleng and Yvonne. Like, who is this man?

Two days ago, Juicy confided in Khosi to confess his feelings for Ipeleng. He did the same with Yvonne, revealing his romantic interest in Ipeleng while stating that he would not also want to lose Yvonne. However, Yvonne told him that she was there to have a good time and not create any form of awkwardness between anyone.

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