6ix9ine Lashes Out At The People That Have No Accusations For Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, Or Kin Von For Being "Caught Lacking"

Yet another ‘Off The Record’ clip has stolen attention en masse on the Hip-Hop scene. Tekashi 6ix9ine recently popped back into the game with his new single which, of course, brought controversy along with it, as his pattern has been.

Making a recent stop by DJ Akademiks’s podcast, 6ix9ine discussed a bunch of things, from being ridiculed, to his kidnap carried out by his own associates. And after the fiery clip had gone viral, he came back with a comment that he was hoping folks would understand.

“My point is for the people who don’t understand ‘I WAS LACKING WHEN SH*T HAPPEN TO ME’ it happens to the best of us TO THE BEST,” said 6ix9ine. “So why single me out?? when your favorite rapper gets caught lacking and doesn’t survive the situation they are never spoken down on. I guess it’s just that it’s cool to hate on 69 now.. witch is cool idc but understand my point it’s not a math problem. It’s simple common sense.”

“When it’s me people say ‘that would never happen to me’ WHEN THEY FAVORITE RAPPER GETS KILLED LACKING it’s always…. ‘unfortunate or it doesn’t matter it’s different’ [crying laughing emojis] PEOPLE PICK AND CHOOSE… hating on 69 makes u cool I guess.”

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