Billie Eilish Says She Had A “Dark Episode” Before Writing ‘Barbie’ Song

Billie Eilish, the famous American singer and songwriter, recently shared details about her difficult period before writing her song ‘What Was I Made For?’. The song was created for the official soundtrack of the highly anticipated Barbie movie, released in July 2023. Eilish has been nominated for Best Original Song at the 2024 Oscars for this song, alongside other notable artists such as Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo.

Eilish expressed her confidence in the song’s quality, stating that it features one of her best vocal performances. Her hard work and dedication paid off when the song won the Chairman’s Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival on January 4, 2024. During her acceptance speech, Eilish opened up about the challenges and depression she faced before writing the song. She said she was going through a dark episode in her life, and things didn’t make sense. Despite feeling lost and struggling with her emotions, Eilish accepted the challenge of writing a song for Barbie. She channelled her feelings of confusion and uncertainty into the lyrics and melody of the song, and the result is a powerful and moving piece of music that has resonated with fans worldwide. Eilish’s story is a testament to her resilience and creativity. Despite facing personal challenges, she created a beautiful work of art that has received critical acclaim and touched the hearts of many.

She Said,

“I would really like to say that this award and any recognition that this song gets, I just want to dedicate to anyone who experiences hopelessness, the feeling of existential dread and feeling like, what’s the point, why am I here and why am I doing this?”

“I think we all feel like that occasionally, but I think if somebody like me, with the amount of privilege that I have and the incredible things that I get to do and be and how I have really not wanted to be here … sorry to be dark, damn, but I’ve spent a lot of time feeling that way.”  “I just want to say to anyone that feels that way, be patient with yourself and know that it is, I think, worth it all.

“I just didn’t understand what the point was and why you would keep going. [I was] questioning everything in the world.”

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