Billie Eilish’s Least Favorite Song Is A Classic From Her Early Career

The discography of Billie Eilish is filled with top singles, Grammy wins, and even an Oscar. The “Happier Than Ever” singer acknowledged there is one of her own songs that is not her favorite despite all the praise and streams. What tune is it? Here is a tip: The song was featured on Don’t Smile At Me, Eilish’s debut EP, released in August 2017.

In her yearly Same Interview video for Vanity Fair, Eilish identified her “worst” song. The singer meets with the magazine yearly to respond to the same inquiries about her life and profession. This time, Eilish tried something different and responded to some inquiries from Instagram users. This is when things really started to get interesting.

Eilish responded immediately when asked what her “worst” song was, identifying it as “Watch.”

The third single from Don’t Smile At Me, following “Ocean Eyes” and “Bellyache,” was “Watch.” Her brother, a frequent collaborator, wrote the song and produced it. While Eilish might not like the song, the listeners do. Over 425 million people have streamed “Watch” on Spotify, and over 76 million people have watched the music video on YouTube.

Eilish sadly did not elaborate on her distaste for “Watch.” On the pretty intimate song, she describes what it’s like to leave a terrible relationship. Check out both the song and the interview below.

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