Black Sherif Announces He’ll Be Putting Music On Hold For Fashion Designing

One of Africa’s leading artists and Ghana’s own Mohammed Ismail Sherif, better known by his stage name, Black Sherif, has hinted at possible plans to go back to school to study clothemaking. This he plans to embark on right after his upcoming sophomore album has been released, which seemed like a great plan to the fans seeing as they wouldn’t be left high and dry.

The singer who shot to fame in 2021 for his early hits like “First Sermon” and “Second Sermon,” shared his goals on his X handle.

Black Sherif Announces He'Ll Be Putting Music On Hold For Fashion Designing, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

His tweet was, of course, met with various sentiments from his fans. He received love and encouragement from his fans, who co-signed his decision to return to school.

The musician’s dedication to his next record is strong, but his consideration of studying fashion design suggests a possible new direction for his career—one that could combine his musical skill with a recently discovered love of fashion and design.

Not only is Black Sherif’s style unique, it also has other intriguing aspects as well. It is impossible to overlook the thoughtful attempts he makes to offer appearances that reflect his both his versatility and complexity. While many have deemed his fashion sense odd, some with a keen sense of style will describe his looks as elegant and simple.

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