Brymo Slammed For Saying Igbos Are Not Ready For Presidency

Nigerian singer and songwriter Brymo gets slammed for saying that the Igbos are not yet ready for presidency.

The national elections in Nigeria are around the corner, and everyone is campaigning hard for their favourite contestants. Fans of Tinubu and fans of Peter Obi have been at odds throughout last year.

Also, several celebrities have spoken out in support of the former, including singer and songwriter Brymo. The singer has been criticized for his choice of who to support, but that has not deterred him.

Brymo is under fire again for his blatant opinions. This time, he had things to say about the Igbo tribe, and people did not find it intelligent. After a series of tweets by the singer, a fan replied to him saying “Personally, I know [Peter Obi] is the best suited for Nigeria. In the same vein, I know you’re a very intelligent artiste, and I love your work. So I’ll respect your choice and not project my decisions onto you,”

In response, the singer asked the fan not to respect his intelligence nor choices and requested that he argue more. He argued that the Igbos were not ready for presidency but could be tried with Vice presidency to test the waters.

Brymo Slammed For Saying Igbos Are Not Ready For Presidency, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Don’t respect my intelligence or choices. You are trying to not accept resolve. Argue more, then, please. It is not prudent to elect him yet. He may have to vividly organise his home-front to lead the rest of us. An Igbo VP first maybe to test the waters with the region is safer!

Fans have since criticized him for his opinions.

Maybe now that Brymo is talking the nonsense that affects all of us, y’all can finally cancel him. He’s shown this recklessness to those who have eyes before but because it didn’t concern a large population, y’all carried on. Whenever you wake up is your morning – @ebelee_

Sadly, it seems my fave Brymo has lost it. – @Ayodeji_liks

Nobody cares about Brymo’s political choices. It’s his fundamental human right. But if he has to denigrate the Igbos to market his candidate then that’s unacceptable. Peter Obi is a force that reckons with every tribe and neither Brymo nor his unblown music career can stop it – @VictorIsrael_

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