2023 Presidency; Wike On Preferred Presidential Candidate

Remember how Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike hinted about revealing his preferred candidate for the 2023 presidential election soon?

Well, he is back again. And although he didn’t give a name again, he described this man as honest.

2023 Presidency; Wike On Preferred Presidential Candidate, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

He declared that he, along with his allies, would back a candidate who keeps his word and upholds his end of any bargain and had even said he’ll reveal his candidate by January.
The Governor made this statement on Wednesday in the Rivers State town of Rumuji-Odegwe, where the Rivers State Chapter conducted a rally to launch its campaign in Emohua LGA.

He said it to Ohna Sergeant House, a party Stewart when he(Wike) was informed that his supporters across the state were awaiting his instructions on how to cast their ballots.
He promised to inform his allies of his choice as soon as negotiations with them were through.

“We are sick of waiting,” Chief Awuse had reportedly stated, according to Wike. ‘We are fed up with waiting.”
Not to worry, though. You’ve exhibited patience.” said Governor Wike.
There won’t be any assumptions made about your patience. There will be a bell soon. Listen to the source of the bell when you hear it, then proceed to carry out the instructions.

Recall that Wike almost had a fallout with the party hierarchy, which many claimed is due to the party favoring Atiku over himself as the party’s flagbearer in next month’s presidential elections…

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