Burna Boy Blames Organizers Of His Lagos Concert Over Delay

Award-winning Nigerian singer and songwriter Burna Boy has blamed his Lagos concert organizers for his delay at the event.

Nigerians complain a lot about their favourite artists’ delays when it comes to performances at events. Some say the artists like to take their time before they hit the stage. Others claim that the show organizers are the problem.

Since we don’t know what actually happened, we cannot tell if it is an ego thing or if organizers are messing with their own events. Burna Boy was scheduled to perform at his homecoming certain in Lagos, Nigeria, on January 1st, but things took a different turn.

According to concert-goers, the Nigerian singer and songwriter was supposed to hit the stage at 6 pm, but that did not happen for over nine hours. Burna appeared around 3:30 am and did not apologize for his lateness. Instead, he blasted the concert organizers for being the reason for the delay.

According to videos shared on social media, Burna Boy told the crowd that the show’s organizers messed up the sound and that it was the reason why he doesn’t like performing in Nigeria. Fans were irritated that he would make his lateness about organizers and refuse to apologize to them.

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