Nicki Minaj Posts Video Of Her Son Dancing During Her Tour

Nicki Minaj, the renowned rap queen, has been touring relentlessly with her Pink Friday 2 tour since the beginning of March, demonstrating her prowess as an artist. Despite minor backstage issues, the tour has been an enormous success, with fans and critics equally impressed by her performance. She is approximately one-third of the way through her set of dates, taking a little Northeast trip these last few days.

On March 30, Nicki returned to her hometown of New York City to perform and had a wonderful surprise for her fans. She brought her three-year-old son, “Papa Bear,” to watch her rock the stage, a delightful moment for Nicki and the audience. The video of “Papa Bear” dancing along to his mother’s music in a suite has become one of the cutest moments in hip-hop this year. The little boy shakes his arms vigorously but adorably while watching his mother perform. Although Nicki often talks about “Papa” in her interviews, not much is known about him. Fans are eager to know his real name, but Nicki has been evasive, only revealing that she is more of a “nickname person” and not disclosing his government name. Despite the mystery surrounding him, “Papa Bear” has won our hearts with this video, which fans will surely cherish.

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