Cardi B Hits YouTube Milestone With “Bodak Yellow”

Cardi B, the American rapper, songwriter, and actress, has broken a new record with her debut single on a major label, “Bodak Yellow.” The music video became the most-watched rap video on YouTube by a solo female artist as of March 18th, officially crossing the milestone of 1.1 billion views on the platform. This achievement surpasses the previous record holder, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” which had held the title for over six years.

Cardi B has been working hard on her highly anticipated sophomore album, which she expects to release sometime in 2024. During a recent interview with Gillie and Wallo on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, she revealed that she doesn’t plan to collaborate with Rihanna yet—another trendy artist who has kept her fans waiting for new music for years.

The news of the lack of collaboration between the two leading female artists has divided social media for years. Many fans have expressed their disappointment, while some have hinted that the feud between the female rappers is one of the reasons why females are not taken seriously in the music industry. They have called for an end to these unnecessary disputes, which they believe are hindering the progress of the female rap genre. Despite this, Cardi B’s fans eagerly await her upcoming album, expected to showcase her growth as an artist and cement her position as a leading voice in the music industry.

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