Cardi B Shares How She Attained Her Healthy Hair

Many people go to extreme lengths to look good. But some people appear to have gotten a way through that – something natural and handy and in no way expensive.

Count “WAP” rapper Cardi B on that list. The mother of two has just given clues on how she manages to keep her hair healthy and glowing.

In a recent post on her verified Instagram page, the songstress noted that she used boiled onion water the last two times she washed her hair. Actually, it wasn’t something novel in her beauty routine as she used to wash her that way six years ago.

She only got lazy along the line and stopped. But now she’s getting back to washing her hair with boiled onion water again. And the results have been impressive. Her hair is healthy. She showed that off to pass her message.

To encourage those who might worry about the odour, she claimed that it’s entirely odourless, and she got to reap the benefits: a splendid sheen to her hair. You can check out her post, which has been liked over 3 million times, below.

Onions are known to have high sulphuric content, which provokes hair growth. So, her claims are not out of place.

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