By A Hair’s Breadth, Ruger Avoids The Start Of The Israeli War

Following the surprise attack that resulted in multiple casualties, Israel declared war on Hamas. Ruger, a Nigerian singer, nearly avoided being killed in an attack on Israel following his performance. Following the news of the attack, he turned to his Instagram account to reassure his fans and supporters of his safety.

Ruger reported that the conflict began immediately after he and his squad departed Israel, specifically Tel Aviv. Moving on, he prayed for world peace, extending his thoughts, love, and prayers to the innocent bystanders who had been affected. Ruger then exhorted his supporters to pray for Israel.

Just one day after the singer’s performance, Israel was attacked. Ruger had thanked his followers for their support while there before the tragedy. The musician has kept up his promotion for his future appearances abroad after extending his best wishes to the afflicted cities.

He recently explained the reason for his simultaneous relationships with several women. He said it’s because he doesn’t like “being alone or single.” The musician recently admitted that dating several women is “fun” to him, after previously complaining about how toxic he was to his ex-girlfriend.

Ruger discussed his dating habits in the most recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast, which is hosted by Adesope Olajide. The singer of “Asiwaju” confessed women keep coming despite his wonky relationship style and lack of love toward them.

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