Change In Georgia: Lil Baby & QC Meet Stacey Abrams

For many musicians currently at the top. It was never an easy ride getting there. And when they eventually get to the top, some forget their roots. Others look back and try to do something for the hoods where they started their journeys.

One such person is Lil Baby. This rapper is not little, nor is he a baby per se. Lol. That’s just a stage name which has since become famous. Atlantic was where it all started for Dominique Armani Jones. And many years later, he’s finding his way back to his roots to help his community.

The songster himself knows the vitality of his story, from nothing to the top rung of the rap ladder. So he decided to record it for posterity with a doccie dubbed Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, which has been praised by critics and viewers alike.

A day ago, the songster and his Quality Control associates met with Georgia governorship candidate Stacey Abrams to talk about politics and the governor’s role in the community.

Lil Baby is not a politician. But then, it is not only the politicians that have roles to play in the community. The “Right On” rapper is keen to work for the betterment of the community as well.

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