Chike Surprises A Female Fan At Her Wedding Reception

Chike, also known as Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, unexpectedly showed up at a female fan’s wedding, turning it into a memorable day. The groom reportedly brought the popular Nigerian musician and songwriter to the wedding reception location to make the bride’s day even more impressive. Based on the expression on her face, it most definitely succeeded!

The bride was in awe as Chike took on the dance floor and screamed excitedly at the sight of the well-known performer. The joyful and rhythmic noises of the wedding guests dancing to the music added to the delightful surprise as Chike delivered an angelic and emotional performance of his hit song, Roju.

Following the performance, Chike offered the bride a warm embrace, and it was evident that the beautiful gesture deeply moved her. Chike tweeted a short clip of the lovely moment with the simple phrase “Surprise,” intended for the bride.

The singer has maintained momentum since the release of his debut album, Boo of the Booless, in 2020 with a steady stream of music videos, a surprise EDM remix album, huge hit songs, the debut of his sophomore album, The Brother’s Keeper, in 2022, and appearances at nearly every wedding in the nation. Man’s seriously booked and busy.

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