Chlöe Previews 3 New Songs, Asks Fans To Pick Her Next Single

Emerging hitmaker Chlöe Bailey has asked her fans to make their pick for her next hit release as she previews three new singles. Chlöe announced her next project on her Instagram Livestream where she asked her fans to make their pick from the teasers of three songs, which sound very much like potential R&B bangers.

The teasers for “For The Night,” “Suprise,” and “Cheat Back” were so good her fans were begging to hear complete versions. Chlöe Bailey, who confirmed she had completed recordings for a new album earlier in March, has left her fans guessing what the title and release dates of the new album would be.

Announcing the completion of recording for the new album on her Twitter account, Chlöe tweeted in March, “I don’t control dates or anything, but just know I’m super proud of this project. It means absolutely everything to me.” She continued, “I’m so happy right now. I haven’t been that active and I miss you guys every single day, but just wanted to check in so you know I’m working and making everything special for y’all.”

Chlöe, the other half of the Chloe x Haller sister act, had earlier in 2021 launched her solo music career with her debut single, “Have Mercy”. While the group is still very open to working together, Halle has accepted a few acting roles as she attempts to follow her interest in acting.

With the latest round of previews and teasers, the release date for the new album might now be very close.

Check out her post below.

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