Chris Brown Gets Minor Victory In $71 Million Dog Attack Case As Trial Is Rescheduled

In a lawsuit that is still ongoing against him, Chris Brown has made a modest progress, but he shouldn’t celebrate just yet.

According to court records obtained by RadarOnline, Brown’s legal team requested that the trial date for a current dog bite claim be moved from September 2023 to December 2023. The housekeeper who filed the lawsuit against Brown, according to Brown’s legal team, “would not be harmed” by the date change.

Additionally, Brown’s team claimed that because the bitten housekeeper is still receiving treatment for her injuries as part of her worker’s compensation claims, the team is unable to collect crucial evidence necessary for them to move on with the trial.

The motion was approved by the judge overseeing the case. Although Radar withheld the plaintiff’s name, a prior report by PEOPLE revealed that Patricia Avila, Chris Brown’s former housekeeper, was the one who filed the lawsuit. Avila claimed that one of Brown’s two dogs attacked her sister, Maria, while the two were catering for the singer’s home in 2020.

A Caucasian ovcharka, the dog in question, allegedly barked at Maria and “proceeded to viciously attack” her when she stepped outside to empty the vacuum. The big dog that allegedly bit her can weigh anything from 110 to 200 pounds.

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