Comedian Seyi Law Revokes Support for Tinubu Over N5 Billion Yacht Budget

Public Outcry as Presidential Yacht Allocation Raises Eyebrows Amidst Economic Strife

In a surprising turn of events, popular Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has publicly withdrawn his support for President Tinubu, following the revelation of a N5 billion allocation for a presidential yacht in the supplementary loan budget. Seyi Law, who has been a vocal supporter of the Tinubu administration, found himself at the center of controversy as his endorsement previously led to threats against his daughter.

The budget allocation has sparked widespread concern among citizens, particularly in light of Nigeria’s current economic challenges and the hardship faced by many. The decision to earmark such a significant sum for a presidential yacht is seen as a disconnect from the realities of everyday Nigerians struggling to make ends meet.

Seyi Law took to social media to express his disappointment, signaling a shift in his stance towards the administration he once endorsed. His statement reflects a broader sentiment of disapproval and raises questions about the government’s priorities during a time when fiscal prudence is demanded by the populace.Comedian Seyi Law Revokes Support For Tinubu Over N5 Billion Yacht Budget, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

The comedian’s withdrawal of support underscores the growing scrutiny over government spending, as the public demands greater accountability and transparency in the allocation of national resources. This incident has intensified the dialogue on governance and the responsibilities of elected officials to their constituents.

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how the administration will address the backlash and whether this will prompt a reevaluation of budgetary priorities in favor of more pressing economic and social needs.

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