Controversy Surrounds Mohbad’s Burial Location: Calls for Dignified Resting Place Intensify

Fans and Concerned Citizens Advocate for Respectful Burial at Ikoyi Cemetery

Recent events surrounding the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, have ignited a wave of public sentiment, particularly concerning the location of his final resting place. A Nigerian man has taken to social media to voice his strong opinion against the idea of re-interring Mohbad in Ikorodu after the completion of the autopsy. This sentiment is echoed across various platforms, with many advocating for a more dignified burial for the late artist.

The man’s video, which has gained significant traction online, emphasizes the need for a proper burial ground. He suggests that fans of Mohbad should unite and pool resources to ensure a respectful burial. “Look here, don’t bring back Mohbad’s body to Ikorodu. He doesn’t deserve to be buried in that kind of place,” he stated. He further proposed that if each fan contributes a nominal amount, such as N500, it would be possible to afford a burial at a more prestigious location like the Ikoyi Cemetery.

This call to action is a response to the previous exhumation of Mohbad’s body, which raised concerns about the respect and dignity of the burial process. The man’s plea is clear: Mohbad should not be reburied in Ikorodu. Instead, a collective effort should be made to ensure a burial befitting the late singer’s legacy.

Several individuals have expressed their agreement with this viewpoint. One user, @s.mayana_, commented, “This Elegbon agba get sense. 2 chilled Heineken for you.” Another, @apreel, labeled the man as a “Confirm egbon adugbo,” while @fifehanmioluwa emphasized the need for justice, stating, “We no go gree ooo we no go gree.”

The government’s role in this matter has also been highlighted, with many awaiting further updates since the exhumation. The overarching sentiment is clear: Mohbad deserves a burial that honors his contributions and legacy. As discussions continue, fans and concerned citizens alike hope for a resolution that respects the memory of the late artist.

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