Crayon Drops His Highly Anticipated Debut Album, “Trench to Triumph”

Crayon, signed to the legendary Mavin Records, has decided to dazzle the music world with the release of his much-anticipated first album titled, Trench to Triumph, in a daring and audacious move that represents a pivotal time in his career. The album’s appropriately chosen title captures the essence of the project, serving as a compelling depiction of the artist’s journey from humble origins to his current position of abundant success and blessings.

Trench to Triumph LP is a musical voyage that charts Crayon’s progress as an artist and as a person, capturing the raw emotions, obstacles, and victories he has encountered along the way; love and being the life of the party are not left out. Listeners are taken on a riveting and emotive journey through the various periods of Crayon’s life and career, observing his growth and evolution as an artist and as a person with each track.

The album contains thirteen tracks, each meticulously crafted to provide the audience with a unique and captivating experience. The listener is lured into a world of sincerity and vulnerability as Crayon pours his heart and soul into every song and melody, where the artist bares his soul and expresses his most profound ideas and feelings.

Victony, Ayra Starr, Oxlade, Magixx, Ktizo, and the Mozambican trio, Yaba Buluku Boyz, are among the brilliant performers who have contributed to the musical tapestry. So, go check out the new album now available on all streaming platforms.

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