Fireboy DML Discusses His Musical Trajectory And Development Since Releasing His Debut Album

Nigerian singer Fireboy DML, who is well-known throughout the world as one of the biggest Afrobeats exports, has shared insights into how his life and career have changed since the publication of his popular first album, “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps” (LTG), in 2019.

The Nigerian musician stressed that it is now unlikely for him to create music that is similar to his debut album, noting that his rise to millionaire status and the publicity that has come with it have profoundly changed his creative expression. Fireboy DML opened out about how success affected his creative path.

He said that his music reflects the change in his perspective brought about by the success and money he received with his first album. The musician made it clear that the development of his sound is a result of his own personal development, implying that it is unrealistic to expect a repeat of his debut album.

The Afrobeats movement placed a strong emphasis on the human element of artists, emphasizing the need for them to develop and change with the times. Fireboy DML advised fans who were pining for the sound of his debut album to give LTG another listen because he has moved on to a new chapter in his career.

He acknowledged that his experiences as a millionaire have had a significant impact on his present creative process and emphasized that, like all people, artists are prone to change and evolution.

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