Davido Explains Why Many Nigerian Musicians Avoid Discussing Politics

David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, revealed in an exclusive interview with Channel 4 News why many Nigerian musicians avoid discussing politics. The singer said he doesn’t hold these musicians responsible in any way because many of them have families and even kids. Some people are cut out for it; the singer continues, while others aren’t.

The musician, who has been outspoken on politics, also said that the 2023 elections were difficult for Nigerians and that he would always continue to pray for both peace and openness in governance. However, in response to the challenging times he was going through personally and politically, he claimed that publishing his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” was a relief.

He also expressed happiness about the reception his new project received. He did, however, add that for people who don’t discuss politics, where they stand “is evident.” He claimed he always prays for Nigeria’s future, peace and openness in the executive branch, and better leaders. The musician said, “Myself, I’m a leader myself,” when asked who presidential candidate he had backed during the election.

Davido and his new music are everywhere like white on rice, and, remarkably, he took some time to chime in on politics while promoting his album, which is rare and thoughtful, especially for his Nigerian fans.

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