Speed Darlington Rocks Nigerian Military Uniform: Explains Why

Entertainer Speed Darlington, who has drawn controversy following his recent decision to wear a military-like camo, has given his justification for keeping his military camouflage on. In a video uploaded on his Instagram on Thursday, Darlington said he would use the military’s reactions to make a name for himself. It is known that the Nigerian army reacts violently to civilians who don their uniforms or its look-alike. However, Akpi has said he’s ready for them as he makes a case deeper than just the uniform. He had previously commented on the level of insecurities in the country and how the military seems not to care anymore.

Speed Darlington Rocks Nigerian Military Uniform: Explains Why, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

He stated in a video he released online:

I am ready for today. This is what I want to wear. Great IB told me not to wear it the Nigerian Army will use me to shine.

I told him I will use military shine. I am not taking it off, this is not army design (shows designs). If I am safe in a foreign land, I should be safe in my own father’s land.

Speed Darlington, a Nigerian singer with a base in America, also pledged to deal with any military personnel who tried to assault him for donning camouflage clothing. Since he arrived at his best friend’s concert, Speed Darlington has not held back from expressing his dissatisfaction with the nation’s situation. The social media personality soon turned his attention to the Nigerian army commanders after bemoaning the terrible condition of the escalators at the hotel at the Lagos International Airport. Speedy was warned by a friend not to dress in camouflage because the army officials may shame him for doing so in a viral video, and he responded that he was ready for them.

Speed Darlington Rocks Nigerian Military Uniform: Explains Why, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

If any military personnel dared to challenge him for wearing his clothes, he vowed to mess him up. But, according to Speedy, if genuinely humiliated, he would return to America to expose Nigerians for abusing their citizen.

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