Davido Is Accused By Abu Salami Of Attempting To Initiate Him Into A Secret Cult

Businessman Abu Salami, who recently criticized Davido, claimed that the musician tried to get him to join a cult but that he turned him down.

Davido was confronted by Abu Salami a few days prior on an unpaid debt of 218 million naira meant for a project benefiting children. Abu Salami claims that the boy band and the singer’s attorneys exerted pressure on the singer to back out of the agreement and refuse to return the money.

He stated on his Instagram page that he gave the musician 218 million naira of the 326 million naira that was exchanged. He stated that he, the businessman, was required to fly to twenty states with an eleven-person production crew on a particular day in order to find young, talented football players for the kids.

In a recent video update, Abu said that Davido belonged to a secret society, which he attempted to introduce him to, but got turned down.

Abu continued by accusing Davido of robbing people and leading a false life in an attempt to impress the world. Talking with him has also been unsuccessful because he does not have the money to return the loan. Abu claimed friends tried to mediate the conflict between him and Davido but were unable to do so since Davido is not wealthy enough to make restitution.

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