Jay-Z’s Alleged Secret Child Takes Him To Court In A Paternity Dispute

With his three children with Beyoncé, JAY-Z is already a parent, but now his purported first son is pushing for official recognition. The Supreme Court has heard the case of Rymir Satterthwaite, who has long claimed to be Hova’s son. The New Jersey native stated in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail that all he wants from the “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” rapper is to see what he called “justice served.”

Satterthwaite further asserted that to successfully prosecute his lawsuit against JAY-Z, part of his demand is unsealing the court documents. The conflict started when Wanda Satterthewaite, Hova’s mother, came forward and said she had sex with Hov in the 1990s when she was having difficulties with her high school sweetheart.

At the time, Wanda asserted that JAY-Z’s legal team had “disrespected” her even though she had been suing him since at least 2012 according to her. Additionally, their lawsuit at the time asserted that the Satterthwaites’ hired lawyer was “best friends and neighbors” with Jay’s attorney and that the two collaborated to create procedural issues that caused the case to be dismissed.

Even back then, Satterthwaite stated that his goal was not to acquire a share of the enormous Carter money but rather for the rapper to recognize him as his son.

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