Davido’s Logistics Manager, Israel DMW, Responds to Allegations by Blessing CEO

Recent Controversy Surrounding Unsettled Debts Takes Center Stage

In a recent turn of events, Israel DMW, the logistics manager for renowned Afrobeats artist, Davido, has publicly addressed allegations made by relationship blogger, Blessing CEO. The blogger had previously accused Davido of owing money for a car purchased for Israel DMW.

Blessing CEO, also known as Blessing Okoro, had taken to social media to claim that Davido had an outstanding debt of N4.5 million for a Toyota Venza acquired for Israel DMW. This claim was met with swift backlash from Israel DMW, who expressed his displeasure through his Instagram story. He labeled Blessing CEO as a “nuisance” and firmly instructed her to refrain from making such remarks in the future. In his words, he stated, “Let this be the first and last time, you ever use my name or oga’s name for ur clout chasing as ur usual lifestyle.”

To add another layer to the unfolding drama, the car dealer, IVD, has since refuted the claims made by Blessing CEO. He clarified that Davido does not owe him any money for the car purchase.

Further investigations into the matter revealed that Blessing CEO’s allegations have been a topic of discussion on various platforms. A report from KanyiDaily highlighted that Blessing CEO had publicly called out Davido over the said unpaid debt. Another source, Intelregion, emphasized that Blessing CEO had criticized Davido for not completing the payment for the Toyota Venza.

Israel DMW urged Blessing CEO to stop using his and Davido’s names for attention and questioned if IVD had ever informed her about any outstanding debts.Davido'S Logistics Manager, Israel Dmw, Responds To Allegations By Blessing Ceo, Yours Truly, News, May 22, 2024

While the controversy continues to gain traction, it is essential to approach the situation with caution and await official statements from all parties involved. As the story unfolds, fans and followers are advised to stay updated through reliable news sources.

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