Davido’s “Timeless” Is Honored By Spotify With A Pop-Up Event

To commemorate Davido’s new album’s release, Spotify hosted a pop-up event with art installations that traced the singer’s history, provided context for the new record, and allowed fans to show their support. The Timeless lovers danced to their favorite tunes as the music was chosen by a group of excellent DJs.

Davido issued a video message to fans thanking them for their support and the incredible welcome Timeless received when it was released while he was overseas in the US on promotional activities. The Nigerian music industry, including music executives, was present at the event.

“Timeless” is a celebration of fresh starts and the power of community, supported by a fantastic group of producers, writers, guest appearances, and two new label signings in vocalist Morravey and rapper Olori. Fans and musicians alike have praised Davido’s ability to maintain coherence across a record that includes a variety of partners.

Along with a tracklist trailer for the album, Spotify debuted the “Timeless Afro playlist,” a selection of David’s favorite African classics assembled by the musician himself. In addition, the streaming service used one of the most recognizable public venues in the world, Times Square in New York, to advertise the album.

According to Spotify data, Davido is one of Africa’s most famous exports. Davido is adored at home, but outside of Africa, the United States is where his music is most frequently played.

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