Spotify Jam: Spotify Reveals New Personalized Feature To Listen To Music With Friends

Music is one of the most popular ways for groups and friends to come together. And now, any group may tune in together in real-time with the new personalized function that Spotify has developed. Jam is a brand-new feature on Spotify that allows users to listen to music together.

With its personalization engine, Jam draws on some of Spotify’s most well-liked social features, like Blend and Collaborative Playlists, to enable group listening. With Jam, a group may participate in the fun by sharing queue control, receiving recommendations specific to the group, and being able to track who has added which tracks.

Spotify Jam: Spotify Reveals New Personalized Feature To Listen To Music With Friends, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Starting September 27, 2023, Jam will be available worldwide to all Spotify Premium and Free users. Here’s how it functions:

  • A Premium member chooses a playlist or song to play to launch their Jam. By selecting the Connect button at the bottom of your screen or the three-dot menu within your preferred playlist, album, or song, you’ll then see a “Start a Jam” button.
  • Whether it’s your speaker or phone, you may choose the device to play on. A prompt to join the Jam will also be sent to family members using your shared WiFi.
  • Then, you have a choice of three ways to invite your squad (premium or free users):
  1. Turn on Bluetooth, then tap your phones together
  2. Have your friends scan the QR code on your host screen
  3. Hit “share” to send the link through social, text, SMS, and more.
  • Everyone in the Jam has the ability to add songs to the queue, view who added which song, and get recommendations on their own devices.
  • Additionally, the host can choose who plays in the Jam, rearrange the songs, or take out a song if it doesn’t fit the mood.
  • The host can enable “Guest controls” so anyone participating in the session can add, remove, or rearrange the tracks. When “Guest controls” are disabled, the host can only rearrange the queue.

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