Eric Omondi Lashes Out At The Authorities After Being Granted Bail

Following his arrest on February 21, 2023, for organizing a protest in front of the parliament buildings, comedian Eric Omondi eventually left prison after being granted a Sh10,000 cash bail by the Milimani Law Courts. However, since being set free, Eric Omondi has revised his requests and told the public that he wouldn’t stop speaking out until the government responds to Kenyans’ needs.

Those Kenyans who have degrees but are unemployed are urged to print their documentation so they can bring it to the State House the following week by Omondi, who posted a video of it on his Instagram page with the request. Omondi made it clear in the video he posted on social media that he is independent of all political parties and that the livelihood of Kenyans is his priority.

The comedian acknowledged some of the government’s efforts but confessed that they were insufficient. Omondi believes that hunger is ravaging the people of Kenya, and there is little provided by the government to eradicate the poor living conditions of the masses. He also mentioned how he was not well-received at the parliament when he tried that option to speak out. However, you can tell how passionate he is just from the sound of his voice. Have a look below.

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