Eric Omondi

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Eric Omondi Basic Information

Stage Name: Eric Omondi
Real Name: Eric Otieno Omondi
Occupation: Comedian and Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 9 March 1983(40) Years Old
Place of Birth: Siaya, Kisumu County
Gender: Male
Nationality: Kenyan
Marital Status: In a Relationship
  • Kondele Primary School
  • Lake Primary School
  • Kisumu Boys High School
  • Daystar University Athi River, Kenya
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Net Worth:  $5 Million

Eric Omondi Biography

Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

Eric Omondi, a comedian and actor from Kenya, was born on 9 March 1983. Eric is the second child in his family of four, and they are from the Siaya Kondele Luo Community in Kisumu County. He first went to Kondele Primary School, Lake Primary School, and later to Kisumu Boys High School. After that, he enrolled in Daystar University to study a journalism and mass communication course. He started attending Daystar University in Athi River, Kenya, in 2003 but was suspended because of his inability to fund his schooling. He eventually got a scholarship in 2005 to resume education, and he graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in communications in 2010.

His lengthy stay resulted from the extreme financial challenges he was encountering at the time.


Eric is from a polygamous home in Luo Nyanza as his Father had Five wives, of which his mother was the Fourth. There were over 13 children, and Eric and his brother Fred were among the eldest.


In Kisumu, where they all lived, his late Father, William Oduor, had positions as an OCS of Kisumu Central and Chief Inspector. His Mother, Margret Omondi Juma, was a successful Businesswoman. She owned several hotels: the Soweto Hotel in the Nyar Teinam area and Kondele. Regrettably, both of his parents are now deceased.


Fred Omondi, a comedian; Rose Omondi, his younger sister; and the late Joseph Onyango Omondi, the names of Eric’s siblings. Irene and Pollate Omondi are the others.

He lost his brother and First-born Joseph, who had a cocaine addiction and was in rehab for 19 years.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

The media personality Jacque Maribe is said to have a son named Zahari for Eric.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

Before meeting Daniel Ndambuki in 2006, Eric began his career with a brief stint as a news reporter for NTV Kenya. In 2008, he debuted in the spotlight after appearing on MTV’s Churchill Show. He departed the program in 2015 to host his own brief-lived KTN program called Hawayuni. He also performed “Untamed” and “Somewhere in Africa.”

Eric was the first Kenyan on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, in March 2017.

In November 2020, Eric formally opened the doors to Eric Omondi Studios and the Big Tyme Entertainment offices. Through his studio, he has produced covers of numerous tracks.

In 2020, he debuted the contentious program “Wife Material,” whose first season culminated in the marriage of Carol from Band Beca. Unfortunately, he was detained during the second season, which featured women from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Nine women on the show were competing to be his wife, but each woman had to prove herself to win Eric’s hand. Because every female had to expose her private parts to win, the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) suspended the competition and imprisoned him.

Outside Parliament in Nairobi, Kenya, in February 2022, Eric Omondi and 16 other protesters displayed the high cost of living. As a result, they were accused of participating in an illicit rendezvous. Later, each was granted release after posting a KES 10,000 cash bond.

Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

From 2018 to 2021, he was nominated almost consecutively at the African Entertainment Awards in the USA and won nearly every year in the categories he was mentioned.

Following his victory at the 2018 African Entertainment Awards as the Best African Comedian in the USA, he repeated the feat in the 2019 ceremony by winning the African King Comedy Award and being nominated for Best Host. In a repeat victory, he won the 2020 Award. In addition, he was nominated for the 2021 Awards in Best African Comedian, Social Media Influencer of the Year, and Media Personality of the Year. However, he did not receive any of those wins.

Omondi has had quite an adventurous career, from reciting poetry to serving as an unofficial MC, being the center of attention on Churchill Live, launching his flopping comedy show, and appearing in Night of a Thousand Laughs. And he is not finished yet.

In addition to serving as the OLX ambassador in Kenya, Eric Omondi also secured the Kenya Wildlife Service rhino ambassador position, which will aid in preserving these threatened species. On a list with Trevor Noah and Basketmouth at the top, BBC named Eric Omondi the 9th funniest man in Africa last March.

After the launch of his cross-dressing character Divalicious, there have recently been concerns about Eric’s sexual orientation. Between his sexuality and the entertainment value of his art, his admirers looked to be starkly divided. With that action, he joined other well-known figures who have similarly left their admirers’ doubts about their sexuality unanswered.

He has extensive social media following as his Instagram has over 3,6 million followers, 2.5 million on Facebook, and over 600k+ YouTube Subscribers. Eric Omondi and Betty Kyallo co-host The Big Quiz on KTN Home.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

The rumor of an affair with Jackie Maribe seems to have died after he met Kenyan-Italian model Shantel Grazioli and they started dating.

The relationship was short-lived, though, as he is now in a relationship with a Model named Linet. Also known as Lynne, she is the face of SportPesa Marketing Campaigns in Kenya, is 21 years old, and has mixed ancestry. Her mother is Kikuyu, and her Father is Somali.

He is believed to have engaged to her as a valentine’s day post by Lynne on her Instagram saw her show off her ring and tag Eric in a post that he gave an affirmative response to. But asides from that, nothing more has been said or shown by Eric; Maybe it’s because of her miscarriage, as he tries to gradually reduce the amount of private information that social media gets to have on him and his family.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $5 Million, and He is considered one of Africa’s top comedians.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

He received a Chrysler Crossfire gift just days after telling the public that he supports businessman Jimi Wanjigi’s presidential campaign. Eric revealed that his first car was a Toyota Allion, his second was a Nissan Bluebird, his third was a Mercedes Benz, and his Fourth was a Range Rover, which he has been using for the past seven years after receiving a KSh12M Range Rover Vogue as a gift from Car Soko.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

He has a seven-bedroom property in Karen. The main bedroom features a wardrobe that opens into a balcony and a shower and bathtub that also functions as a jacuzzi. In addition, a swimming pool and a lush green lawn may be seen on the property. According to sources, His house cost Sh72 million, while his land is estimated to be roughly Sh69 million, for a total of Sh141 million.

He was, however, placed in a spot of doubt by some netizens who doubted the authenticity of his house ownership.

Omondi dismissed the skeptics in an explanation on his Instagram, branding some of them as haters while proving that he owns the property. Omondi displayed a title deed in his name that was stamped on 7 September 2021 in the two-minute video. He criticized the naysayers for believing that a comic of his caliber could not afford such an expensive home.


Eric Omondi, Yours Truly, People, February 22, 2024

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki hosts the comedy program Churchill Show, which debuted on the NTV network in 2007. It was formerly known as Churchill Live. The Nairobi Carnivore Grounds are mostly the location of the live set.

Eric Omondi, Felix Omondi, his brother Fred Omondi, MC Jessie, and Chipukeezy are just a few well-known stars who have appeared in it. Other notable stars include Karis, YY (Oliver Otieno), Janyando Mig Mig, Owago Onyiro, Poet Teardrops, Teacher Wanjiku, Eddie Butita, Alex Mungahi, Mammito Eunice.

NTV (Kenya) broadcast the Churchill Show (formerly known as Churchill Live) from its 2007 debut till late 2009. On 17 January 2013, the show returned for a second season. It used to air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EAT but eventually shifted to Sundays simultaneously. It was one of the most-watched shows in East Africa and on the network as of November 2014, in its fifth season. Moreover, the StarTimes Swahili franchised channel shows it throughout East Africa.

How many wives does Ned Okonkwo have?

He is the husband of one wife. He is frequently confused with Ned Nwoko, who has several wives.

Does Eric Omondi have a child?

He is rumored to have a child, Zahari, from his brief stint with Jacques Maribe

Does Eric Omondi own a chopper?

Omondi claimed he owned two choppers, one for business and the other for personal errands, in an open chat with YouTuber Eve Mungai. This revelation has been seriously contested by Netizens who vehemently refute the claims.

Does Eric Omondi have a wife?

Surprisingly, Eric is still single though it is said that he is engaged to his current girlfriend, Lynne.

How much does Eric Omondi earn?

It was estimated that the comedian, worth $5 million, earned $2.6K from YouTube in 2022. However, this figure might range from $2.6K to $7.3K.

Where does Eric Omondi live?

He owns a 7-Bedroom House in Karen, where he lives

How old is Eric Omondi?

He was Born on the 9 March 1983 and is (40) Years Old

How much is Eric Omondi worth?

Sources say he is estimated to be worth over $5 Million

How old is Eric omondi's wife?

Eric is unmarried, so he doesn’t have a “wife.” His present girlfriend is said to be 22 years right now

How tall is Eric Omondi?

He is an approximately 5 feet 7 inches

Is Eric Omondi alive?

Yes, He is. He was arrested amongst 16 others following his protests on the “Cost of Living” for the ordinary citizen and released on a Ksh 10k cash bail.

Is Eric Omondi rich?

A man with a net worth of $5 million is a Rich man

Who is Eric Omondi dating?

He and Lynne, his current girlfriend, are engaged.

When was Eric Omondi born?

9 March 1983

Where is Eric Omondi from?

He is from the Siaya Kondele Luo Community in Kisumu County. in Kenya

Which tribe is Eric Omondi?

He hails from Kisumu County’s Siaya Kondele Luo Community in Kenya.

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