Erica Banks Gives Response To Backlash Over Nicki Minaj Remarks

Erica Banks is still under fire from her Nicki Minaj remarks. Banks disclosed recently that Nicki had blocked her on social media, even though she has been and is still a fan of Minaj. Baby Tate also went on a Twitter rant after Nicki had allegedly snubbed all her feature requests.

“Nobody gone tell you that you’re the best, you gotta make that sh*t. Idc how many gimmicky rappers or rappers wit sob stories try to attack my character, I’m still that girl that get y’all hot by literally speaking [laughing emoji] bc I’m her. Now shutup & rap,” Banks wrote in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

Banks became a hot topic of discussion after a short clip taken from a recent interview of hers went viral. In the interview she discussed that she has tried to contact Nicki Minaj to work with her to no avail. “I love Nicki, but I just felt like, I been trying to reach out to her for a long time but I felt like she kinda ignores me and she entertains girls who really can’t rap,” she said in the clip.

Since her comments went viral, she’s been getting some flack from different female rappers including female drill rapper, Asian Doll.

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