Tacha Slams Headies Organizers For Hosting Award Show In U.S Two Years Back-2-Back, Fans React

Former Big Brother Naija contestant Tacha Akide has expressed her disappointment with the organizers of the Headies Awards for hosting the event in the United States. In a video uploaded to her Twitter account, the reality TV star questioned why Africa’s most significant music award show was being held overseas for the second year. She also criticized what she perceived as a “slave mentality” among those who believe hosting events abroad makes them more prestigious.

Tacha Slams Headies Organizers For Hosting Award Show In U.s Two Years Back-2-Back, Fans React, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

Tacha emphasized the crucial role played by Nigerian artists and fans in supporting and promoting the Headies Awards. She also highlighted the need for better decisions to be made in the future. Tacha pointed out that historically, African artists have not been given the recognition they deserve on the main stage, and she urged the organizers to keep the prestigious indigenous award in Nigeria.

“Guys, is it just me orthis is just insane and ridiculous.How is it that the biggest music awardshow in Africa has been held abroad? Back to back? Like, isn’t that crazy? “What did our colonial masters do to us? What is this slave mentality? How does this make sense?

“I mean, the first time it was held inthe US last year kind of like made sense. Afrobeat was still getting in so much momentum. Our artist was filling up stadiums. Yes, it made sense. “But doing it in the US again a year after, back to back, where’s the sense in that? Yes, now because we are the ones promoting it here in Nigeria. We are the ones voting.

“Like, have we forgotten that there was a time where BET would not give award toour artists on the front stage? They were giving award to artists backstage. “Like, have we forgotten so soon? Even Bet said Black Entertainment kiniko would not hold the award in Africa. Even if we want to cry left and right, not in essay, not in Nigeria.

“So why are we taking such a prestigious indigenous award abroad? Do you understand? It just doesn’t make sense to me. “Like left to only me. Any blog that is even posting it, don’t post. Let them go and pay shed room. Go and pay TMZ. Go and pay all those expensive blogs. Go and pay them. Post your award since you don’t want us to be fully part of it. Because it makes no sense.

“I don’t know what foreign award they’ll carry from abroad there and come and be hosting in Nigeria.Like this slave trade mentality, we feel like we are out of it. But if you think about are we really out of it? Let us just do better. Because it makes no sense. Because I don’t understand. “We dey vote for Nigeria here and then what? Taking the award to the US? Why? We want to feel among we want to rupture that I don’t get like what foreign award to be held in Nigeria? Please, let’s be candid. I beg.”

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