Fast-Rising Act Shallipopi Urges Fellow Artists To Emulate Wizkid In Order To Sustain Relevance

Shallipopi, a rising singer, has underlined the importance of silence in helping an artist stay relevant in the music industry. Crown Uzama, also known as Shallipopi, said to 78 Factory that mimicking Wizkid’s social media decorum is the key to keeping relevant in the music industry.

Shallipopi stressed that musicians who talk too much lose their value, and that being silent, like Wizkid, allows their music and success to speak for them. Shallipopi, a rising talent from Edo state, spoke on the value of stillness and allowing music to speak for itself.

Inspired by Wizkid’s approach, Shallipopi believes in keeping a certain level of mystery and allowing his artistry to speak for itself. Shallipopi confirmed during the interview that his music is actually afro-pluto and not afrobeats. The distinction highlights his uniqueness and originality within the music industry.

Shallipopi wants to carve out his own niche in the Nigerian music industry and leave a lasting impression by experimenting with and adopting a distinctive sound. Following the launch of his own record label, Plutomania, the singer welcomed two up-and-coming artists, Zerrydl and Tega Boi Dc, to the Plutomania family.

Shallipopi also recently treated fans to a double treat by releasing Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline) on the same day, October 13. These releases exhibited his developing style and drew criticism from both supporters and haters.

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