Flavour And Pastor Odumeje Join Forces For Their New Single, “Powers”

Highly-acclaimed Afro-highlife musician, Flavour, has released his new track, “Powers,” featuring the one and only Pastor Odumeje, the war himself.

Since videos of Flavour and Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje collaborating in the studio went viral, there has been a lot of excitement on Nigerian social media. The colorful clergyman and the highlife music performer seem like an odd couple. But, as you can already tell, they have been friends for a while and decided to prepare a unique gift for their fans.

The mesmerizing chants from the studio teases are now fully realized. The brand-new song Powers, which Flavour and Odumeje collaborated on, is the result of their collaboration. As expected, Odumeje doesn’t hold back from claiming to be a powerful person.

He refers to himself as the “man of powers,” the “abido shaker,” alluding to his energizing deliverance sessions, and he even uses some vibrant metaphors like “pandemic,” “epidemic,” and a “burning fire” throughout the song, which is typical Odumeje, only with an extra drive.

Flavour, on the other hand, adds quite some exquisite touches to Power with his mesmerizing voice. His melodious presence perfectly balances Odumeje’s energy, resulting in an unexpectedly lovely and captivating partnership.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Flavour, an admirer of Odumeje, or just someone who enjoys some experimental music, Powers is sure to grab your attention. Check it out below:

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