Fake Covid Vaccine Certificate: Italian, Giorgi Denies Involvement

Camila Giorgi of Italy denied on Tuesday that she had requested a falsified COVID-19 vaccination certificate after an Italian doctor claimed she had never given the player the shot.

According to Italian media, doctor Daniela Grillone is under investigation after being charged by Italian police last February for allegedly giving fraudulent COVID vaccines and issuing fabricated vaccination certificates.


Giorgi was named as a patient by Grillone in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere del Veneto. She claimed that the player had not received her vaccinations and that she had sought forged COVID vaccination records one time.

Giorgi, 31, claims to be fully immunized. She did not imply whether she had entered Australia in 2017 using the documents provided by Grillone or not.

When questioned about the immunization, Giorgi responded, “I did the vaccination, thank you. “I completed all of the government of Australia’s requests. We are okay with that every year.

“I simply administered my vaccinations in various locations. She(Grillone), not I, is the problem…”

This is coming at a time when the rules implemented at the Australian Open last year, where entry into the nation required proof of immunization, was compulsory for all the participants.


Giorgi advanced to the third round, and due to his lack of immunizations, Novak Djokovic was deported. With this allegation leveled against Her, the Italian may be persecuted if investigations prove her to be guilty of what Dr.Grillone is implying.

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