Gunna Shows Off His New Iced-out ‘P’ Necklace Pendant

Gunna keeps taking the letter “P” to higher heights.

Dripping harder than ever, Gunna keeps shining with every given occasion, from the wild success of his last release, DS4EVER, that debúted at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart, to getting new homes and now jewelry.

Gunna had probably been thinking about all the big Ps he’s been pushing when he settles for the decision that he needs to spoil himself a little by rocking an iced-out ‘P’. The flex is limitless. Even before now, Gunna has been well-known for his spectacular iced-out collection collectively worth millions of dollars.

So it really comes as no surprise that his mind would lead him to the diamond store. Like, you wake up one morning and think, “Oh, I need to pamper myself”, and your mind goes straight to purchasing more diamond jewelry! In addition to the already-existing insane collection? We coexist with these people? But we digress. Gunna thought to show off his new piece to his millions of followers in a short clip.

The white and blue diamond-encrusted “P” was being held up to the camera by Gunna. Beneath the video had inscribed “Thank you 💙”, the emoji intentionally chosen as its color matches that of the iced-out neck piece.

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